Most of you would know that gnome terminal supports transparent background as well as a custom background image. I keep on changing the background, that gives a better feel to the terminal experience…. Enough of crap, lets get to the point. What I did was to have both a fancy background image along with transparency in the gnome terminal. As you can see it looks good (at least to me…).

At first, it seemed to be a difficult task, but then, i noticed, gnome terminal supports PNG images as background…and that solves the problem. What all you need is a image manipulation program like gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program). Just open your favorite image with it, add transparency layers to it and save it as a PNG image (because usual formats like JPEG do not support transparency).

Now, all you got to do is go to edit -> profile preferences -> background and choose background image as the one you just saved. That’s all you gotta do.